Airmax Nasal Device

The Airmax Nasal Device will help you easily breathe through your nose with the unique "wings" expanding the narrowest parts of your nasal passages.

Contents: 1 piece

Brand: Mack's

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Product information

When compared to other devices designed to be placed inside the nasal passages, the Airmax is stands out because it reaches deeper into the narrowest part of the airway. This helps push the nasal canal open for improved airflow.

Airmax has been clinically proven to help reduce snoring. Clinical tests with patients experiencing different stages of socially disruptive snoring, 75% of patients experienced siginficant reduction of snoring.

Airmax is reusable and comes with a handy storage case. Comes in two sizes: Medium (orange) and Small (blue). Medium will fit most users.


  • Comfortably fits inside your nasal passages, widening the narrowest part of your airway
  • Proven to help widen nasal passages
  • Tested and proven to increase airflow
  • Patented design
  • FDA registered medical device
  • Made of medical grade material
  • Does NOT contain latex
  • Can be worn with a CPAP machine
  • Aerodynamic profile (providing a wing effect)


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