Asonor Nose Spray

AsonorĀ® nose drops effectively remove the cause of snoring.

Contents: 30 ml

Brand: Asonor

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Product information

Asonor nose drops is a simple yet effective treatment, which relives one from the inconveniences that snoring causes.

How does it work?
Asonor is an easy to use nasal spray that lubricates and softens the soft tissue structures and lightly tightens the musculature of the throat so that breathing is easier, and snoring is reduced or stopped.

Asonor uses a specially designed delivery system that places the solution at the back of the throat.
Asonor has been clinically proven to help up to 75% of snorers get relief and a better night's rest when used correctly. Studied in Copenhagen and London, including a large university study with 218 test patients and their partners over a 6 month period.

Your Asonor bottle contains 30 ml, enough for about 4 weeks' treatment.


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