Mute Nasal Dilator

Mute is a new technology Nasal Dilator developed by a team of specialists to alleviate the severity and incidence of snoring and improve the quality of your sleep.

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The Mute Nasal Dilator is adjustable by you and fits snugly into your nose while gently and comfortably dilating your nostrils as you sleep. Anatomically inspired and designed for comfort. It is made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers. Mute increases the volume of air travelling through the nose during sleep, preventing congestion and encouraging nasal breathing - factors critical to a reduction in snoring and a better quality of sleep.

Mute’s dilation system allows for subtle adjustment from one nostril to the other, ensuring optimal air-flow through both passages of your nose. If you know what size works best, specify your size (small, medium or large) and the package comes with 3. If you don't know what size you need, order the Mute Sizing Kit. It comes with 1 each small, medium, large.


  • New technology Nasal Dilator to treat snoring and sleep disorder breathing
  • This is the individually sized package of 3 (select size). If you don't know what size you need, order the sizing kit which comes with 1 each small, medium, large
  • FDA Registered medical device
  • Prevents congestion
  • Ultra soft Encourages nasal breathing
  • Designed in Melbourne Australia by Rhinomed


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