SleepPro SFA

This mandibular advancement device is the latest addition in the SleepPro range. Developed due to a high volume of requests received from doctors and patients alike, not only is it medically proven to work, it is extremely cost-effective in comparison with other more expensive, invasive treatments.

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Brand: SleepPro

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Product information

Still using the original ‘boil and bite’ technology, the SleepPro SFA allows you to adjust and experiment with the amount of advancement needed to cease snoring whilst ensuring maximum comfort and the closest fit without customisation.


  • Designed with comfort, fit and adjustability in mind
  • Highly effective
  • Unique advancement straps with easy attachment and removal for precise adjustment
  • Ergonomic trays to fit the upper and lower dental arches
  • 7 different settings for variable advancement

Fitting Instructions

  • Securing the fitting handle to the upper and lower trays, immerse in freshly boiled water for 3 minutes
  • Once removed, bite down into the trays, pushing your jaw forward slightly
  • Mould the mouth-piece around your teeth using your fingers
  • Remove and place in cold water to set (this is the ‘boil and bite’ technology)
  • Attach one of the seven pairs of tension straps (we recommend starting with the middle sizing)

How Do The Interchangeable Straps Work?
The interchangeable straps allow incremental advancement of the lower jaw, restoring the tension in the upper airway and preventing the soft pallet from collapsing and obstructing the upper airway. This prevents the individual from snoring. If you find your selected tension straps do not stop you snoring, select the next pair down. Alternatively, if the initial setting is too far forward, try the next pair of longer straps.


$ 129.99 SleepPro SFA

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