SleepRight Breathe Aid

The SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid gently opens your nose to help you stop snoring and relieve nasal congestion, without the use of sticky nasal strips.

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The soft and flexible flares allow for a custom fit for your nose while gently expanding the nasal passageway. For some people, snoring is due to congestion, allergies, deviated septum or other nasal restraints. Once your nasal airway is open and unblocked, snoring will be reduced or completely eliminated.M

Slim design works with your natural nasal/sinus protective air filtering system (cilia transportation, coughing & sneezing). Storage case included.

How it works
How the Sleepright Breathe Aid works


  • Opens deviated septum
  • Reusable (antimicrobial), 15 days of relief per unit.
  • No skin pulling adhesive
  • Does not leave facial blemishes
  • Latex, BPA & drug free
  • Reduces snoring and relieves nasal congestion
  • Easy insertion
  • Easy removal


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