SleepRight Memory Foam Pillow

Allow the SleepRight Memory Foam Pillow a few days of adjustment and you'll see the difference in your sleep quality.

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There is no other pillow exactly like this. Only the SleepRight Memory Foam pillow has the following three features that provide correct neck support while lying on your side or back.

Full Facial Cradle
The side sleeper pillow is designed to reduce pressure on the jaw and ear, helping to relax the facial area. Gently cradles the face, providing comfort and support.

12-Degree Shoulder Cradle
Provides orthopedically correct support for the head and neck to maintain ideal spinal alignment. The pillow for side sleeper reduces body weight impact on the shoulder, increasing blood flow to the arms.

Left & Right Air Paths
Memory foam pillow maximizes airflow to improve breathing and help reduce snoring.


  • Dimensions: 24x12x4"
  • Specialty product for treating sleep disorder breathing
  • Maximizes airflow to improve breathing


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