VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is an effective snoring remedy. It's adjustable, easy to use, and comfortable to wear.

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  • Fully adjustable movement, up to 7mm, based on your snoring needs. Increasing the forward position of the lower half of the device will advance the forward position of the lower jaw to increase the opening of your airway.
  • VitalSleep is available in two sizes, regular and small, so you are guaranteed the right fit.
  • VitalSleep's moldable boil-and-bite customization ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Features a flexible frame for comfort.
  • Sleep as you normally do, in any position, breathing through your mouth or your nose.
  • Allows for side to side jaw movement for reduced stress on your jaw, greater comfort and effectiveness.

The patented VitalSleep is constructed with a adjustable sliding mechanism allowing you to micro-adjust the mouthpiece with the included mini hex key to achieve your best results. The device is adjusted by turning both the left and right hex screws. This will adjust the forward position of the lower half to help position your jaw to open your airway. VitalSleep is BPA-free and latex-free, and is proudly manufactured in the USA from all 100% USA sourced medical grade materials. Boil-and-bite ensures that your VitalSleep is sterile before use.


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