Snore Circle Anti-snoring Device Muscle Stimulator


No mouth guards, nose strips, or straps. The comfortable solution ‘Snore Circle’ has arrived! Have you woken up gasping with a dry throat? Or Awoke to an annoyed partner or housemate because of all the nose you’ve been making throughout the night? Selecting the right anti snoring device is not an easy task, but we’ve got you covered!

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As the ‘Snore Circle’ identifies the snoring sound, the device will emit 10-60Hz mixture micro-impulses to your chin nerves ranging from weak to strong. This will guide the muscle around the throat to tighten and open up the airway. This makes you breathe smoothly and quietly. When the snoring stops, you enter into a deep and good sleep.

How it Works

The user needs to place the Snore Circle below the chin using adhesive pads to ensure it won’t fall off during sleep. The sensors in the device will work to detect and collect snoring data. The device adopts bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to accurately recognize snoring. Upon successful recognition of snoring, the device emits 10Hz-60Hz of micro impulses as a form of physical intervention.
The device stimulates the sublingual muscles, and nerves. And thus increase the respiratory tract airflow and keeping the breathing smoothly and no snoring.

The device comes with an application through which users can track their sleep. With a new and improved Sleeplus app on the APP Store & Google Play, users can their your snoring patterns, hear their snoring sounds, and analyze overall sleep quality.

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What's in the package

1 X Smart Throat Anti Snoring Device
10 X Conductive Strips
(Extra) Conductive Strips x 20
1 X USB Cable
1 X Charging base
1 X User Manual


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