Snore Circle Smart Mask Anti-snoring Device


Snore Circle Smart Mask Anti-snoring Device uses ‘Smart Recognition Technology’ to help you stop snoring, has many personalized functions and is super light and comfortable.

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Smart Recognition Technology

With the advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, Snore Circle Mask can precisely identify snoring sound. And then deliver gentle tiny vibration to stop snoring with non-perceived physical intervention. This helps you solve snore problem with smart technology.

Personalized Function

The Anti-Snoring Device has 36 levels physical intervention (automatic or controlled), no matter a slight snorer or a severe noise maker will find this helpful. You can adjust the intensity and sensitivity of physical intervention by the cellphone App, or activate the snore-stopping delay function (It works after you fall sleepy) to personalize the product. Snore Circle design allows you to put on and take off easily.

Super Light and Comfortable

It is only 38g so you can take it with you wherever you go. Snore Circle Mask is made of ecological soft high-density sponge for the best comfort and fit. This makes sure your sleep is comfortable and snore-free.

Phone Control and Intelligent Analysis

Connect the Anti Snoring Device to your cellphone with Bluetooth technology. This lets you control the device and set it up or adjust working modes on your phone with a special app. With a new and improved Sleeplus app, users can their your snoring patterns, hear their snoring sounds, and analyze overall sleep quality.

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