Snorers’ Rules of Life

Snorers' Rules of Life

Is there anything you can do to decrease snoring? By bearing some things in mind you may be able to do it yourself. Think about adjustments in your lifestyle and your everyday surroundings. We have listed a few of these for you here:

  • Sleep in a cool, well ventilated room.
  • Do not consume large meals just before bedtime.
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol in the last 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Sleep in a quiet room.
  • Avoid heavy physical exercise before going to bed.
  • Strive for a healthy weight by eating healthy and making sure you take sufficient exercise. A rule of thumb: your length (from one metre upwards) in centimetres is your ideal weight (in kilos).
  • Take care to have a regular mode of living in which any sleeping pills or sedatives you were using are no longer needed.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke in and around the bedroom.
  • Sleep as straight as possible, on a firm mattress and preferably on a thin pillow.
  • Make sure your neck is aligned with your spine to minimalize strain on your airways.
  • Avoid possible heartburn problems by sleeping with an extra pillow or by raising the head of the bed.

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